NY Home Improvement is source for professional construction service. We do all of the following: home renovation, bathroom remodeling, kitchen renovation, and general construction. NY Home Improvement has its team members highly experienced in jobs they qualify, and we prove nothing but the highest quality works. We have been working for over 28 years and our team members have performed their jobs over and over, which makes our clients highly satisfied with us. We highly emphasize our team members to exert qualities of being professional, courteous, polite, and respectful, as to make our clients comfortable and pleased with us and the work. We are specialized in full renovation and remodeling services.


Our team members are highly experienced in complete home renovation and remodelling. A professional and trustworthy contractor is the most crucial factor for home renovations and remodelling. We’ll handle your complete renovation works, including all carpentry, plumbing, stonework, electrical works, tile works, marble, granite, custom built-ins, prime and painting, doors, floors, etc.

Painting Service

Finding a professional and reliable painter is the most important factor when needing painting services for your home project. We are specialized in all types interior and exterior custom painting and decorating services. This includes stripping, removing existing walls, patching, and repair walls prior to new installations or painting, wallpapering any room, laminating over old walls, custom painting, decorating, etc. We had over 26 years of experience in house painting service. If you have any painting work need to be done, you can rely on us!


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